Page 2 - CUHK MEDICAL ALUMNI Newsletter Issue 2 Vol 6 2017
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                   03                                                •  Message by Professor Justin Wu Che-yuen (MBChB 1993)

                                                         03          FEATURES

                                                                     •  Surgeon’s Law Background Helps Him Teach
                                                                       Students to Avoid Legal Traps
                                                                     •  Law Studies Deepen Doctor’s Understanding of the
                                                                       Real Meaning of Respecting Patients’ Autonomy
                                             04                      •  Doctor Turned Barrister Says Both Professions are
                                                                       Intertwined in Many Ways
                                                                     •  Study of Law Sharpens Obstetrician’s Skills in
                                                                       Reasoning and Critical Thinking

                                                                     CHARITABLE HEART
                                                                     •  Eye Doctor Sees it Her Duty and Social
                                                                       Responsibility to Help the Underprivileged
                                                         09          EVENT HIGHLIGHTS

                                                                     •  CU Medical Alumni Buddy Programme
                                                                     •  Launching Ceremony of the CUHK-NAM International
                   05                                                •  CUHK Medical Alumni Association Annual General Meeting
                                                                       Health Fellowship Programme cum Public Lecture
                                                                       and Dinner 2017
                                                                     •  2017 Teachers’ and Students’ Awards
                                                                       Presentation Ceremony
                                                                     •  Fun Run 2017
                                                                     •  Dr and Mrs Tzu Leung Ho Honor Society Outstanding
                                                                       Academic Awards Presentation Ceremony cum Annual Dinner
                                                                     •  White Coat Party for Medical Graduates 2017
                                                         13          HISTORY OF CUHK FACULTY

                                                                     OF MEDICINE
                                                                     •  Introduction of Late Professor Gerald Choa
                                                                     •  Gerald Choa Memorial Lecture cum Dinner
                                                         14          NEWS IN BRIEF

                                                                     •  Reunion Gathering
                                                                     •  Article and Photo Contribution
                                                                     •  Say 'Hi' to Our New CUHK Medical Alumni Affairs
                                                                       Contact Point
                                             06                      •  Medical Alumni Homecoming Day 2018

                                                                     STAY CONNECTED
                                                                     •  Medical Alumni Contact Update

              Professor Francis Chan Ka-leung 陳家亮 (MBChB 1988)
              Dean, Faculty of Medicine
              Professor Enders Ng Kwok-wai 吳國偉 (MBChB 1989)
              Associate Dean (Alumni Affairs), Faculty of Medicine
                                                           Medical Alumni Affairs
            CHAIRMAN                                       Integrated Event Management,
                                                           Faculty and Planning Office,  Faculty of Medicine,
              Dr Byron Chu Tung-hang 朱東恒 (MBChB 2004)
                                                           Room 116, 1/F,  Choh-Ming Li Basic Medical Sciences Building,
                                                             The Chinese University of Hong Kong,  Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
                                                           Tel: 3943 3336
              Dr Peter Kwong Kwok-hung鄺國雄 (MBChB 1988)     Email:
              Dr Peter Pang Chi-wang 彭志宏 (MBChB 1994)
              Dr Ruby Ching Hok-ying 秦學瑩 (MBChB 1995)
              Dr Jennifer Mou Wai-cheung 繆蔚章 (MBChB 2003)           The Chinese University of Hong Kong
              Dr Xina Lo 羅秀蘭 (MBChB 2005)                           Medical Alumni Association
              Dr Heyson Chan Chi-hey 陳智曦 (MBChB 2007)
              Dr Eric Cheung Yau-fung 張又丰 (MBChB 2009)       Email:
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