Page 9 - CUHK MEDICAL ALUMNI Newsletter Issue 2 Vol 6 2017
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              After graduating, Dr Ching interned   surgeon, there was great rapport   ”She was a professor, she didn’t have
              as a general surgeon for half a year.   between doctors and patients. But   to do it,” Dr Ching says, ”but she did
              ”During the six months, I felt very   at A&E, I would only see patients for   it because she was really concerned.
              satisfied. I really liked the rapport   around 10 to 20 minutes and then   A lot of people would have found the
              with the patients and their families.”  they would be sent to the wards.   procedure disgusting.
                                              They didn’t even know who I was.”
              But she realised one thing - she was                            ”I was really impressed with the
              too empathetic to be a surgeon.    She finally decided to be an eye   professor’s attitude,” she adds. ”It
                                              surgeon. Dr Ching explains that   taught me that no matter how high
              ”I would be ver y upset when    as an eye doctor, there are hardly   your position is, your patient’s health
              patients died. I became too involved   any life-threatening situations…an   must always be your first priority.”
              and emotional. I was afraid that   occupation she felt she could handle.
              this would affect my decisions in                               She is advising students who want
              life-and-death situations.”                                     to become doctors to have the heart
                                                                              and passion for it. ”Don’t take up
              Dr Ching has this theory. She believes                          medicine for the glory and money.
              that certain specialities are meant for                         You have to ask yourself why do you
              certain personalities… and she certainly                        really want to be a doctor.
              didn’t have the personality to become
              a surgeon. ”I realised that because of                          ”I came from a poor family but I was
              my strong empathy with patients, I may                          very fortunate compared with many
              not become an exceptional surgeon.                              others. The society gave me a lot of
              I think if I worked in Oncology, I might                        chances to improve myself over the
              cry the whole day.”                                             years. For example, I went to a band
                                                                              one secondary school. CUHK took
              So she discussed her conflicting                                me in and gave me the chance to
              emotions with senior doctors who                                grow and learn and Tung Wah Eastern
              advised her to think really hard about it.  Dr Ching says she will be forever   Hospital - where I received my eye
                                              grateful to the Faculty of Medicine of   training -  supported me tremendously.
              She then decided to join the Accident   The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
              and Emergency Department. She   ”I wasn’t really an outstanding student.   ”Now, I want to give something
              admitted she was drawn to A&E after   My HKCEE results weren’t that good   back to society…that’s why I am
              watching the popular US television   but at the same time, they weren’t that   volunteering my services to helping
              series, ER. ”I was fascinated with the   bad either. But CUHK gave me the   the underprivileged in Hong Kong
              series because they were so exciting.”  chance to study medicine.”  with their eye-sight.”
              However, after nine months with the   Dr Ching also remembers the Faculty
              A&E department, Dr Ching began   teachers as being ”really nice”. She
              to feel restless. ”I received a lot of   recounts an experience involving a
              training at the A&E department and   professor that left an indelible imprint
              that was very satisfying. I learnt how   on her. The professor was attending
              to handle a patient. When they came   to an elderly patient who
              in, we had to examine every inch of   was suffering from severe
              their body, from head to toe.”   constipation. Without much
                                              ado, she rolled up her
              Despite all that training, she still felt   sleeves, put on some
              something was missing…and that   gloves and performed
              something was ”rapport” with patients.
                                              digital evacuation on
              ”During my internship as a general   the patient.
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