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                 r Ruby Ching lives by this
              Dphilosophy… ”Everybody has
              a duty and responsibility to make
              society better.” To that effect, this   ”No matter how high your
              eye doctor has devoted herself
              to doing charity work for the       position is, your patient’s
              underprivileged.                   health must always be your

              Often, when not at work, she               first priority.”
              and other volunteers would arm
              themselves with an eye chart
              and instruments and set up a
              make-shift mobile clinic to give   - Dr Ruby Ching Hok-ying
              eye checks to poor people, such as
              street sleepers.                    (秦學瑩醫生, MBChB 1995)

              ”The Eye Care Charitable Foundation,
              which some other kind doctors and I
              set up, targets local underprivileged
              people who, for example, are not
              recipients of government subsidies.
              Many street sleepers are not covered by
              this safety net, or refuse to see doctors,   singletons. She recalls that after
              and so with the help of the Society for   the operations, the patients
              Community Organisation, SOCO, we   went back to her clinic to have
              offered our free services to this group of   their eye patches removed.
              people,” says Dr Ching.         ”They were so excited and kept
                                              talking and talking in my clinic.
                                              They were so noisy.” But it gave her
                                              immense satisfaction to see them so
                                              happy because they were able to see
                                              clearly again.                  It is a blessing, in a way, for society

                                              Treating eye diseases can be an   that Dr Ching is still passionate
                                              expensive venture for the poor.   about helping the underprivileged
                                              While she and other volunteers do   with their eye problems because -
                                              all they can to help, there are some   not many people know this - being
                                              treatments that are beyond the reach   an eye doctor had not exactly been
                                              for some. The medication for macular   her dream  job. She  had  always
                                              eye disease, for example, is very   aspired  to be a surgeon.
                                              expensive - one Anti-VEGF injection
              But Dr Ching’s charitable work is   can cost as much as $10,000. And
              not limited to the Foundation. She   usually, one shot is not enough.
              also volunteers for Christian Action,
              a non-governmental organisation,   Dr Ching has imparted her charitable
              which caters for, among others,   nature to her two teenage daughters.
              refugees. Occasionally, she receives   In fact, when they were younger,
              calls from other NGOs for help.   she would take them with her on
                                              her voluntary rounds in hopes they
              For instance, a couple of years ago,   would learn about duty and social
              some social workers asked if she   responsibility. ”Now that it’s summer,
              could perform cataract surgery   I have asked them to go take up
              on four of their clients, all elderly   some voluntary work,” she laughs.
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